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rain or shine?

Posted by bee3six5 on January 25, 2010

it’s weird in New Jersey sometimes. well, to be honest it’s weird in New Jersey most times.  (pulls at collar)  tough crowd.  but on a serious note, i must say that today’s weather was quite odd.

i was woken up around 615 to the sounds of the wind trying to tear my little house out of the ground and send it flying in the air somewhere towards Oz.  i expected to go outside to the standard January in Jersey type weather: bitterly cold, whipping winds, frozen ground.  but i was pleased, however confused, when i went outside and it was about 50 degrees, winds going crazy (but not cold), and it was just starting to rain.

the drizzle turned to drops and the drops turned to downpours.  needless to say it was a slow ride in to work, especially since i saw a tree fall and take out a power line, showering down a bright, bursting bloom of sparks, along with the wire.  i actually drove over someones yard (sorry, someone) just to get around the probably still hot wire in the road.

once at my desk the wind and rain sounded like they were teaming up in an attempt to infiltrate and destroy my building. after an hour had passed and Storm was still going crazy outside, i had to go and take some pictures.  this was all around 9:30.

now my question to you is: in the span of a few hours, how could the weather go from this…

…to this?

see you tomorrow


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