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an experiment in: puddle jumping

Posted by bee3six5 on March 1, 2010

this is what started my little experiment:

seeing the sun reflected like that in this less than a quarter inch deep puddle made me think, ‘what else can these puddles see?’  i started referring to it as ‘puddle jumping’ even though it had nothing to do with jumping.  but it DOES have something to do with puddles, i say, ‘50% is better than no%.’  so i took a little walk around the park and here are the results.

one of the first ones i took once i got the hang of it.  it almost looks like roots reaching down

this building throws a little color into the mix, reminds me of legos for some reason

at the end of my driveway, i like the ominous sky (’cause i’m dark like that, Donnie Darko is my middle name… actually, i lied, it’s arthur)

home sweet home, it’s a beautiful sight after a long day at work

this one was a double experiment: puddle jumping + the Zumi’s self timer setting (something i’d only used once before, just to see how long the timer was) 

that’s it for now.  you can expect to see more puddle jumping around springtime.  i could go for some warm, colorful puddles.  hopefully you don’t mind that i indulged in a few extra pictures today.  alright, i’m all outta words.  should’ve just let all the pictures do the talking.

see you tomorrow


4 Responses to “an experiment in: puddle jumping”

  1. sannee13 said

    i love this post. reflections in my book are always cool… 2nd & last pic are my faves.

  2. yea! love love love this. ESPESH the last pic…

  3. Pablo (morgans friend) said

    U take some very good pictures!!!! 🙂 hahahaZ! I love the pictures of outside 🙂

  4. Hayley said

    I love the pictures!!!!! :]

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