one tiny camera, 365 days, as many photos as i can take

and i will follow you into the dark

Posted by bee3six5 on March 13, 2010

power outage!

i shot a lot of video of the rain today with hopes to edit it together and show on here.  but with my power being out i don’t have access to my home computer and am therefore writing this from Dunkin Donuts.  hopefully i’ll get the video finished up this weekend.  be on the look out.

Steff looks pretty bored sitting here staring at the back of the laptop, so i’ll get right to it.  here we are, playing in the dark.

a lantern lit walk through the basement, what will we discover?

this is why i have no power (it’s also as close as i could get)

view from the end of our street

they actually give off more light than this picture shows

aurora borealis

i don’t mind the candle light, but i hope the power comes back soon.

see you tomorrow (even if it’s from Dunkin Donuts again)


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