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i missed my deadline! but made up for it! i hope!

Posted by bee3six5 on March 15, 2010

thought i’d try something a little different for y’all this time around. 

all video by – me and my Zumi

staring – Steff, a cop, some wind chimes, lots of rain drops

music – ‘672’ by the Dresden Dolls

so now the story…

we lost power around 2pm on Saturday.  Saturday night me and Steff went to Dunkin Donuts so i could post.  it was a long day, but we got through it.

yesterday was the same deal: no power.  so using what little juice was left on my laptop i started putting together this film for all the world to see.  while shooting this video in and around my house i had pictured this song (‘672’ by the Dolls) to go along perfectly, and i think it did (how could the amazing and beautiful Amanda Palmer‘s voice NOT go with the visuals i’ve put on display?!).  around 11:45 last night i went back to Dunkin Donuts with hopes of stealing their wifi from out in the parking lot (because they were closed) and posting so as not to miss my daily upload.  and i succeeded… well, kind of.  it was running really slow, and after about 30 minutes and no progress i decided to just give up.  i know, i’m the worst.

but i hope that all my fans out there (that’s YOU) forgive me for missing my first deadline.  the ol’ Great East Coast Storm of 2010 got the best of me.  i promise to do better in the future (but not too much).

see you tomorrow


2 Responses to “i missed my deadline! but made up for it! i hope!”

  1. steff said

    i am ASS-TOUNDED that noone has commented on this yet!!!
    this video is amazing, bee.

  2. MJV said

    been slacking on my checking in to your blog, but I thoroughly enjoyed the video. Very interesting and I applaud your creativity!

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