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a bee-creation of: Hitchcock’s ‘Rope’

Posted by bee3six5 on March 21, 2010

Rope (1948) is my new favorite Hitchcock movie.  for anyone out there who’s seen it already, why the hell haven’t you told me about it?!  just kidding, i blame myself because i heard about it in high school and it’s taken me this long to finally see.  it’s made up of 10 long takes (the longest being 10 minutes) and takes place in real time (just under 90 minutes).

it’s about 2 friends who decide to murder another friend just to prove that they could do it and get away with it.  so they strangle David with a piece of rope (get it?) and put his body in a chest.  about 20 minutes after the murder they have a party with David’s father, his aunt, his fiance, his best friend and their old school master.  to further push their deed right into their guests faces (but without them knowing it), they use the chest containing the body as the buffet table.  you’ll have to watch the movie yourself to see how it all plays out.

Steff gave me the idea to do some recreations of a few scenes.  here’s what i came up with.


“Oh…that’s not your hat.”

original scene



“I just think it’s a clumsy way of tying them up…that’s all.”

original scene



“hide it?  why?  it’s only a piece of rope.  it belongs in the kitchen drawer.”

original scene


this was really fun to do so i foresee more ‘bee-creations’ will be here before the year is out.  bolo (be on the lookout).

see you tomorrow


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