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visual trip: RX Bandits in NYC

Posted by bee3six5 on March 28, 2010

went with Mark to see the RX Bandits at the Gramercy Theater in New York tonight.  here’s what it looked like.

a view from our brisk 5 block walk to the theater

found this while searching for the bathroom

not too far from the stage

just another head in the crowd

a stress free ride home for me thanks to Marklar driving

all in all it was a great night, topped off with some free pizza courtesy of Mark’s buddy Dan: due to over-hydration he needed to use the restroom at a pizza place and they wouldn’t let him use it untill he bought something.  that equals free pizza for everyone else.  tonight reminded me why i’ve been friends with Mark all these years.  it was good to hang out with him again.  hopefully it won’t be too long before we do it again.

and, yeah, i know i just about turned into an 8-year-old girl in that last paragraph, get over it.  i’m a grown man, i’m allowed to act like a girl whenever i want.  and on that note…

see you tomorrow


One Response to “visual trip: RX Bandits in NYC”

  1. Andy said

    best post by far, the hendrix picture and the crowd picture are two of my favorites

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