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good morning, Monday!

Posted by bee3six5 on June 28, 2010

how will you treat me on this blessed Monday morning on my way to work?

oh i see, that’s how it’s gonna be today?

i’m going to get some tools

not so big now, are you?

moments after neighbor John (who so kindly came over to offer his assitance, which was a nice touch, being that it was his tree that i was cutting up) and i high fived, having defeated the tree.  now all i have to do to is drive back up the drive way, take off and wring out my clothes (it was about 90 degrees and humid as hell, though i always pictured hell being a dry heat…), jump in the shower again, get some new clothes, then head off to work.  yes.  it’s going to be a good week.

see you tomorrow


One Response to “good morning, Monday!”

  1. 2 B said

    Wow your Monday really sucked. That heat woulda got me LOL

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