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me and my Lubi (bonus: why i hate talking on the phone)

Posted by bee3six5 on July 15, 2010

Steff has been itching to send our 120 film out to get developed. but, like always, i was stalling because i still had a few exposures left on the black and white roll i had in my Lubitel. so i took it with me to work and finished the roll while i was at the park on lunch. of course i brought my zumi along to document.

riding the rails




i hate talking on the phone. i hate answering phones. i hate just about everything the telephone entails. luckily, i don’t really have to answer the phones at work. however, that doesn’t stop my having to talk to random fools sometimes. here’s a conversation i had today.

Bob – hey, this is Bob speaking, can i help you?
Weirdo – yea, i was wondering… wait, who is this?
B – it’s Bob.
W – oh, ok. well i was wondering who the architect was for the Burlington Library bid.
B – the architect on that job is GLP
W – COP? where are they located?
B – no, GEE, ELL, P
W – yea, COP
B – no no, GEE, ELL, PEE
W – oh, GCOP?
W – oh, like George? so it’s GOP
B – (mental scream on my part) no, G, ELL like Larry, P
B – uh … George, Larry, Paul
W – OH! GLP? something must be wrong with the phones on my end.
B – must be.
W – how did you guys do on the Montclair bid?
B – no dice. hoping to pick up the next one though.
W – who was the estimator on that job?
B – that was Clint.
W – who?
B – Clint.
W – Clinton?
B – no, Clint
W – Cliff?
B – … no, Clint.
W – who?
B – Cu-lyn-t.
W – Clint?
B – yes, Clint.
W – oh, ok. thanks for your time.
(i just hung up)


One Response to “me and my Lubi (bonus: why i hate talking on the phone)”

  1. steff said

    phones are evil. i want to trade mine in for one that only works in the case of an actual emergency. and then just pray for the best. always.

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