one tiny camera, 365 days, as many photos as i can take

who is this ‘bee’?

i’m just a rascally goofball who loves taking pictures.  this whole blogging thing is still new to me (and i’m not that good at it, so bear with me) so i’m learning as i go.

do i take perfect pictures?


do i write amazing words and stories?


do i take kind of ‘ok’ pictures and add simple text in the hopes that people will see, read and love my posts.

you bet your sweet ass i do.

recently i’ve been obsessed with lo-fi pictures.  due to that new found obsession i bought the Digital Harinezumi by Superheadz, a digital camera modeled after plastic toy cameras.  the zumi can literally fit in the palm of my hand and because of that  i take it ev-ry-where.  it’s always in my pocket ready to fire off some shots.

so enjoy what you see and read.  or hate it.  that’s totally up to you.  i’m not the boss of you (though i sometimes wish i was).


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