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drinks and drinks

Posted by bee3six5 on July 18, 2010

took a trip up north today to a water park with some friends.

a few drinks before we go inside

on the overpass

some drinks afterwards

and i leave you with the creepiest look of the night

see you tomorrow


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friends, food and fireworks

Posted by bee3six5 on July 4, 2010

how could we go wrong?

there had to be at least one

Mark starting the afternoon off right

croquet, anyone?

james was miles ahead of us all

‘poor unfortunate soul’

hole-y board at midnight

and a few of our own fireworks

happy 4th.

see you tomorrow

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Posted by bee3six5 on July 1, 2010

Steff pretending to be an elephant

‘they’re heeeerrree’


see you tomorrow

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happy Father’s Day, Dad! i’m going to Jenna’s!

Posted by bee3six5 on June 20, 2010

Marklar’s girlfriend Jenna had a little barbecue last night, so after the Father’s Day Duties were done we headed over there for a few


and some laughs.

me and James (shot by Steff)

Mark and Jenna suckin’ it up at beer pong

Deirdre enjoying a Sam Adams Summer Ale

guess who Jenna loves…

we had a great time and can’t wait to do it again. 

oh, before i go, the quote of the night, from Mark, of course

Japan doesn’t have China walls.

see you tomorrow

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Cap’n Bob’s Big Day

Posted by bee3six5 on June 13, 2010

even the crappy overcast-with-threats-of-rain (and it eventually did) weather couldn’t stop us from going to my dad’s buddy Bob’s boat ride, band playin’ birthday bash.  alright, that was way too many B’s, i’ll try to control myself.  we drove ourselves down to the docks and got on a party boat (driven by Bob’s son) up and down the river.  Bob plays bass in a bluegrass band and a bunch of his friends brought their instruments so we basically had a constant soundtrack the entire ride.  there was fun to be had all around, and if you don’t believe me, just check out the proof below.

(sidebar: these pictures are actually mixed between the zumi and my Nikon.  can you guess which ones are which?)

the man of the hour (or is it day?  actually, i’m not even sure his birthday is the 13th…)

foreground: Steff, background: Mike

here’s the band.  it ended up growing to about 9 or 10 members including a stand up bass (more on that later), a banjo or two and another fiddler

booze and boots

a shot by Steff

Mike and Chuck giving me their mean faces

i don’t quite remember what Steff was doing here, mimicking me, maybe?  i dunno, i just like the green

these two…

brother dan

our man, Bob, slappin’ the strings with the band

i know Mr. Monk would hate me for this, but i had to add an 11th shot …

she spied me from below

that’s all i got.

see you tomorrow

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happy birthday, Jack!

Posted by bee3six5 on June 6, 2010

today my brother, Joe, threw a party for his son (my nephew) Jack’s 12th birthday.  so we all got together, barbecued and had a good time. 

here’s the proof.

though my pictures usually go in the order i take them, i thought it was fitting to start with this one

Lily loves soda

grill master Dan spatula-ing a dog

Steff eyeing up her salad and burger

Dan and Joe: teamwork, of the brotherly variety

it was hot out, and Jaden LOVED hanging out under the dripping air conditioner

me Pa getting in on a game of Tea Party with Lily and Chuck

portrait of a serial killer

Chuck is anxiously awaiting her piece of cake

oh man … somebody better get her that cake now

we had a great time.  some great food.  made some new friends.  had some laughs.  ate some cake.  you’ve been to a party before.  you get the idea.

see you tomorrow

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by the beach, boyee!

Posted by bee3six5 on May 30, 2010

day two in Wildwood

view from the balcony

using binoculars as a telephoto lens

bikeride to the boardwalk (yes, those ARE my glasses you can see under my sunglasses)

kite flying

under the boardwalk


parting shot

see you tomorrow

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down the shore

Posted by bee3six5 on May 29, 2010

memorial day weekend.  our first trip down to the shore for the summer.  we got here a little late, but had a great time hanging out with Dan and Marleigh on the boardwalk (and i can’t forget my parents, who took us out to eat to some Italian joint where the portions were so big i’ll probably be eating leftovers for the next 3 weeks).  here’s a few late night boardwalk shots.

hangin’ on the boardwalk (or as Steff would say, ‘walkin’ the boards’, she’s too cool for school)

the Nor’easter

Steff and Marleigh waiting for the ride to start


in motion

fire in the sky

‘watch the tram car, please’


good night

see you tomorrow

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visual trip: Dr. Dog @ Terminal 5

Posted by bee3six5 on May 16, 2010

alright, i’m going to level with you: it’s been a hell of a long week for me and i missed more posts than i ever thought i would.  too much action for my old body.  i’ve been way too lazy, and i’m using ‘lack of sleep’ for my excuse.  too many shows, trips, car and train rides.   too much standing in the same place for 4 hours, or standing in line for the bar, or worse, the bathroom.  too many early mornings following too many late nights.

luckily the busy week is over and things will go back to normal now that my schedule is back on … schedule.

Saturday night Steff and i were joined by our friends Russ and Jen on our excursion into NYC to see Dr. Dog at Terminal 5 on the last show of their US tour.

this place is starting to feel like home after the past few weeks

we got inside just in time to see Deer Tick rocking out … in dresses (hard to see in this picture, but they’re all wearing dresses, trust me)

Steff playing in the spot light that we were all fascinated with between acts

once again, i present to you, Dr. Dog

my favorite photo from the night, ‘shadow people’

after a few tracks i decided to take a wander through the crowd and see if i could get a better spot for photos, here’s location no. 1

location no. 2 gave me this Toby gem

and also ‘shadow people #2’

after 3 songs, about 15 minutes, and stepping on at least 67 different sets of feet, i got to location no. 3 for this shot

light magic

after an awesome set (and a few drinks) we headed back to the car park with dreams of food in our heads

some blue flowers for Jen

after the tunnel …

… and the tolls …

… we made it to White Castle …

… where topics of conversation ranged from the blood spatter on the wall …

… to the tough choices to be made at 1am on an empty stomach …

… to the size of the water that Russ got.

we got back home, Russ and Jen said their goodbyes and Steff and i went inside to eat dinner.  this, my friends, was dinner:

it destroyed me the next day.

in the end, an awesome night, with some awesome friends that we don’t get to see enough.  can’t wait to do it again.  as long as i can get some sleep first.  i’m out.

see you tomorrow

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visual trip: at home with Dr. Dog

Posted by bee3six5 on May 15, 2010

we-ow, i’m just a little behind on my posts.  it’s been a LONG week and i finally caught up on my sleep last night.  i’m gonna keep this brief because i’m thinking i might climb back under the covers for some extra napping before tonight’s trip to Terminal5 in NYC to see Dr. Dog yet again. this time with our friends Russ and Jen.

i got a text on thursday from my buddy Mark saying that he and his girlfriend Jenna were going to come to the show with us.  we were excited because we LOVE introducing Dr. Dog to people.  they’re just such an awesome band.  anyway, things were going good till we got down there only to find out that the show was sold out so Mark and Jenna were kinda shit out of luck.  we felt bad, but with time ticking away, we said our farewells (for now) and headed inside. 

ok, now it’s picture time.  i apologize in advance.  these pictures kinda suck.  and on top of that i kinda of shirked my cameraman duties for most of the night.  i needed a break.  now, ‘let’s get on with it.’

we were making GREAT time till we hit some pointless traffic on out way to the Ben Franklin Bridge

i stupidly forgot to take a picture of the marquee (one of my fave photos from most of the shows we go to), we got inside early enough to get a decent spot (at least for now, more on that later).  here’s the opening, opening band (or should i say ‘man’), i’m such a fool, i don’t remember his name, but i want to say ‘Mike V’, though that’s my brother’s name, so prob not it

next up was Deer Tick

they were REALLY good and i can’t wait to see them again tonight

as you can see (and will see again later) the lights really tend to wash out the image when using the zumi, but i really like this shot

alright, now let’s get the stage set up for the Dog, that’s Brucie from Boston performing the sound check

there they are

in case you couldn’t tell, we moved back quite a bit after Deer Tick (i know, backwards) but that’s only because about half a dozen 7 foot tall douche knuckles decided to stand directly in front of Steff.  so we relocated for a better view

even though the lights were hell for my camera, the light show was really awesome

a little Toby action

see, even the crowd loves it

between tracks

the infamous 3 dots

encore!  ‘Heart it Races’! Brucie on acoustic!  bring it on!

great show, but it’s time to get the hell outta here, see ya, Electric Factory

wait, i lied, one last parting shot: Mark, Jenna and Steff ala Charlies Angels

that’s all i got, now i’m back to bed.  check back tomorrow for more Dr. Dog pictures. 

see you tomorrow

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