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drinks and drinks

Posted by bee3six5 on July 18, 2010

took a trip up north today to a water park with some friends.

a few drinks before we go inside

on the overpass

some drinks afterwards

and i leave you with the creepiest look of the night

see you tomorrow


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pix mix two

Posted by bee3six5 on May 20, 2010

today’s batch of random shots.

backstage pass that was acquired a little too late


in bloom

i wanna know where the shadow people go


that’s all for today. in focus friday tomorrow. then i have a car show on sunday so that should be good for some pictures. oh yea, and LOST finale sunday night. i’m tired already.

see you tomorrow

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Posted by bee3six5 on March 25, 2010

we’ve got an abundance of choices.

my favorite is the o.j.

you can see what Demetrius’ favorite is.  such a lush.

see you tomorrow.

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in focus friday viii

Posted by bee3six5 on March 19, 2010

my only friend at the end of a long, disappointing day…

…aside from Steff.

i don’t like to ramble, so i’ll spare you the story.  but i’ll tell you that it involves a Zumi exhibit at the New Museum in NYC, traffic EVERYWHERE, an extremely pissed off Bee (that’s me), showing up to the exhibit late (and therefore not getting in), and an even longer traffic filled ride home. 

i need another drink.

see you tomorrow

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one for the locals

Posted by bee3six5 on February 25, 2010

the  snow brings out my appetite for pizza.  so with promises of 6 – 12 inches of this blasted stuff headed our way, we thought we’d head on over to Federici’s.  i think everyone around here knows about this place:

they’ve got the best thin crust pizza around.  it was a bit greasy but totally worth it.   just one of those guilty pleasures, you just can’t say no.  we ended up getting three pies: sausage, tomato and black olives, and pepperoni.  throw in an ice cold Heineken Light to wash it down and it’s one sweet world.

this post is in small part because going to get pizza was all i did today that was interesting, and in large part meant to make 2-Black jealous.  because Fed’s isn’t in Texas.  this next photo will probably be the nail in the coffin for him.

if you’re ever in Freehold, NJ go check out Federici’s Pizza.

see you tomorrow

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a wooden anniversary

Posted by bee3six5 on February 4, 2010

relationships are funny.  and i don’t mean just ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ relationships.  i mean all kinds.  family.  friends.  the mailman.  the rude teenager working at mcdonald’s drive-thru who forgets to give me a straw for my milkshake.  hell, we even have relationships with people who we hate.  it’s the connection you feel with someone, whether it’s good or bad.  that involvement you have with another person.

when i met Steff nine years ago we formed an instant bond.  (she told the story of how we met yesterday, so i won’t go into the details.)  we were honestly like magnets in a crowd that somehow found each other.  i knew right away that this person would be in my life forever.  and i couldn’t be happier that i was right.  the past five years have been amazing and i can’t wait for the next five. and the five after that.  and so on and so forth.  because, i’m going to level with you here, we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.

today i looked up what the traditional gift was for a 5th anniversary.  the answer the powers that be (read: internet) gave me was that the gift is ‘wood’.  that’s right…wood.  what was i supposed to do?  buy her a cord of fire wood? well actually, that’s something we could use, except for the fact that our wood burning stove is on the fritz.  or maybe a tree for our yard?  again, that’s actually a cool idea, except for the fact that it’s January in New Jersey and the ground is frozen and we’re expecting a foot of snow tomorrow.  i was out of ideas.

so i did the next best thing.  took her out for some Mexican food.  that’s comparable, right?  here’s Steff (over)enjoying our dessert.

and just because she’s my favorite subject to photograph and i liked a lot of the pictures i took tonight, i’m gonna include another from our dinner.  i call this one ‘post margarita contemplation’

the waitress came by to drop off the check and some boxes for our extra food.  i watched as Steff made a mess (a common occurence while eating) on the table and her lap while putting her fajita leftovers into the styrofoam container and thought, ‘what wood product could i have given her that would have prevented or helped this situation?’  my brain raced: wood…pulp…paper…PAPER!  i looked down, grabbed a paper napkin and handed it to her with a smile. ‘happy anniversary, babe.’  it’s a shame i didn’t have a bow.

see you tomorrow

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how about some local music

Posted by bee3six5 on January 31, 2010

my best mate, Mark, invited us to see the band Kiss Kiss at the VFW in Hasbrouck Heights tonight.  when i asked him what they sounded like, Mark said they had a creepy, Castlevania type sound.  how could i pass that up?  i love both creepy AND Castlevenia.  basically a win-win for me.

we joined Mark and Jenna to have a few beers…

…and check out this band…

…while everyone else was home on their butts watching the Grammy Awards.

they were really good. good enough that we spent 12 bucks to get one of their albums.  you should head on over to their MySpace page and give them a listen.   i’ll def be checking them out again.  (thanks Mark)

see you tomorrow

ps – i took a bunch of good (just my opinion) pictures on my travels today.  go here to check them out.

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