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i’m a loser, baby, so why don’t you kill me?

Posted by bee3six5 on June 14, 2010

i’ve been falling behind on my blerg again. a day late here, a no-photo-day there, this shit starts to add up. so i’m going to do something that i promised myself i never would… i’m going to post a picture on a day when i didn’t take it! i know, i’m a monster. but to be honest, i’m pretty sure no one even reads this thing anymore and it seems to be just for myself. oh well, i know i take great pictures, YOU’RE the one that’s missing out… actually, if you’re reading this, then you’re not missing out, and i love you.

on to the picture, cause i know you’re all dying to see it (sorry, i’m a little bitter this morning)

see you tomorrow


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28 hours later

Posted by bee3six5 on March 31, 2010

the sickness has spread to my entire body.  i feel flu-like.  weak.  not that weak is different than normal for me.  i left the couch a total of 5 times today.  mostly food and bathroom trips.  this is as close as i got to the outside world.

i’m going to attempt work tomorrow. maybe, just maybe i’ll have a brand new zumi waiting for me when i get home.  wish me luck.

see you tomorrow

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