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Posts Tagged ‘car’

on the road again

Posted by bee3six5 on June 10, 2010

and Steff requested that i include this next picture.  a little half-wink to lull you all to sleep.

see you tomorrow


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well, hello there

Posted by bee3six5 on June 9, 2010

i got nothin’…

see you tomorrow

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boy’s choice xix

Posted by bee3six5 on June 8, 2010

while on lunch today i received the following text from Dan: ‘you should grab some photos of the clouds today.  pretty cool looking to the south east.’

having left my compass at home i wasn’t exactly sure which way was south east.  but as soon as i looked up, i agreed.  it was the perfect cloud day. 

luckily Steff picked a sky shot.

see you tomorrow

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pix mix one

Posted by bee3six5 on April 21, 2010

random shots from today

sky of doom

random parkers

rain drops keep falling on my head

‘nother doom sky

i have some projects in mind, hopefully i’ll get to them before the weeks end so i have something DECENT to post here.  keep your fingers crossed.

see you tomorrow

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Posted by bee3six5 on April 15, 2010

here’s a little preview of the Garden State Concours d’ Elegance 2010 (that’s fancy talk for ‘car show’).  my Pa is involved in organising this show, with all proceeds going to the Ashley Lauren Foundation (they ‘provide hope and help to children in New Jersey with cancer through financial, material, and emotional support’).  if you’re in New Jersey on May 23rd i suggest you come.  it’s going to be a good time.  AND i’m official as a photog at the event (my first gig ever!)

i crashed one of the planning meetings with my zumi and Nikon tonight.  i’m not auto savvy at all so i have no idea what most of these cars are.  but maybe when my brother Dan (also on the planning committee) reads this in the morning he’ll let me know what year and model they are.  untill then i’ll just number them.

#1 – this guy’s garage is rick. dic. you. luss.  he’s got close to 30 cars in here.  if you look along the top of the wall you can see a license plate from every state.  pretty cool.

#2 – slowest mechanic ever.  seriously.  he was still working on that same tire an hour after i took this picture. (1934(?) Pierce Arrow)

#3 – i had to stand about 25 feet away from this one to get the whole thing in frame, and i still cut a bit off the back. (rare 1928 Packard, worth roughly $250,000)

#4 – they do not make shit like this anymore, and that’s a damn shame.

#5 – another beauty.  i guess Steff thought the same thing, ’cause you can see her on the right taking a picture with her blackberry. (1928(?) DeSoto)

#6 – my personal fave.  i think it’s a Town and Country, but i really have no idea. (1948 Town and Country)

#7 – getting cheeky with the mechanic

#8 – last one.  sometimes it’s tough to get really crisp close-ups with the zumi. came kinda close here.

i’m sure i’ll have plenty of pictures the day of the show.  but seriously, if you’re in Jersey on May 23rd come to the Freehold Showgrounds.  hopefully i’ll see you there.  maybe you could be in one of my pictures.  get famous.  think about it…

see you tomorrow

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Posted by bee3six5 on April 3, 2010

some classics never get old … wait, i guess they can still get old, but they never get … boring.  yes, that’s a much better use of word.

and in trying to keep things from being boring, i recently realized that if i hold my color gels (for my DianaF+ flash) over the lens of my zumi i can get some really neat effects, definitely something i plan on playing with in the future.  i got this shot with a dark red gel.  i was happy with the outcome.  of course the camera seemed to color correct more than i wanted it to.  oh well …

what i also found out was that if i don’t completely cover the lens the color stays nice and dark.  see exhibit bee…

… yes … lots of future fun indeed…

see you tomorrow

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you crack me up

Posted by bee3six5 on February 18, 2010

my truck got hit while in the parking lot at work the other day.  the culprit was a co-worker of mine and he was very apologetic. he said he was sorry so many times that he started me make me feel bad.  with all the snow we’ve been getting lately i was surprised it took this long.  luckily the damage wasn’t too bad.

so i got a new tail light last night and thought it’d be a good project for my lunch break today.  of course i had to stop and take a few pictures.

see, i was even smart enough to bring my tools with me to work today.  thought it would make my job easier so i could still have time to enjoy my lunch.  not that changing a tail light is a difficult task.  i’m just lazy.  anyway… i brought the wrong size socket set and had to use my collapsible key chain pliers instead.  these things are the size a of peanut and collapse at the slightest hint of pressure.  that wasn’t making this whole thing any easier.  and when it’s cold and windy out, that makes it even harder.  hang on just a second while i get some tissues to dry my tears… ok, all better.

see?  i did it!  (praise me!  please!  i need validation!)  all shiny and new.  well, the tail light, at least.  the rest of the damage is a different story.  hopefully i don’t have to fix it with my peanut pliers.

see you tomorrow

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