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*ring* *ring*

Posted by bee3six5 on July 20, 2010



bonus Steff shot!

see you tomorrow


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drinks and drinks

Posted by bee3six5 on July 18, 2010

took a trip up north today to a water park with some friends.

a few drinks before we go inside

on the overpass

some drinks afterwards

and i leave you with the creepiest look of the night

see you tomorrow

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in focus friday xix

Posted by bee3six5 on June 25, 2010



see you tomorrow

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the gate

Posted by bee3six5 on June 22, 2010

and yet there’s a smack of color.

see you tomorrow

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oh no! mr dinner!

Posted by bee3six5 on June 19, 2010

see you tomorrow

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happy birthday, Jack!

Posted by bee3six5 on June 6, 2010

today my brother, Joe, threw a party for his son (my nephew) Jack’s 12th birthday.  so we all got together, barbecued and had a good time. 

here’s the proof.

though my pictures usually go in the order i take them, i thought it was fitting to start with this one

Lily loves soda

grill master Dan spatula-ing a dog

Steff eyeing up her salad and burger

Dan and Joe: teamwork, of the brotherly variety

it was hot out, and Jaden LOVED hanging out under the dripping air conditioner

me Pa getting in on a game of Tea Party with Lily and Chuck

portrait of a serial killer

Chuck is anxiously awaiting her piece of cake

oh man … somebody better get her that cake now

we had a great time.  some great food.  made some new friends.  had some laughs.  ate some cake.  you’ve been to a party before.  you get the idea.

see you tomorrow

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visual trip: Lomography Gallery Store in NYC

Posted by bee3six5 on May 9, 2010

here’s what today was all about:

my DianaF+, el Toro edition.  it’s a medium format toy camera i got a few months ago and have been in love with ever since (fear not, my zumi, you’re still my number 1).  i saw online that there was a workshop for the camera at the Lomography Gallery Store in New York so Steff and i drove up there today to check it out.  we got to the store and paid $10 each and were given a roll of Kodak Portra 160VC.  Steff was given a loner Diana in exchange for allowing the store to hold her id for ransom. the two of us joined a small class and were then treated to a quick seminar on all things Diana: her start, features, film types and accessories.  after the slide show we all went to Washington Square Park to use up the roll we were given.  it was a really fun, hands on experience.  here’s how it went down.

we found the store nice and easy, but only after we got Steff a coffee

the message is clear: digital begone!

the store is really cool and has everything a lomographer could ever want

a nice assortment of Diana clones

the walls are covered with photos taken with the cameras sold in the store, makes for some pretty cool wallpaper

we left the store with our class and headed to the park (i say ‘class’, but it was just me, Steff, our instructor Hans, and two people who both seemed to disappear once we got to said park)

spotted these as soon as we got to Washington Square, no idea what they were

i’m pretty sure that’s the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in the background

ew, those birds are gross, i bet they have no idea where that guy has been

ok, so this is really funny to me: on the left is Steff.  on the right with a Diana on each shoulder is Hans.  in the middle is apparently the personification of the Diana, colors and all (as you can see from looking at the cameras Hans has).  i bet he planned that before he walked out the door this morning.  he knew we were coming.

on our way back to the car Steff asked me to pretend to take a picture so she could take a picture of me taking a picture.  well i showed her: i actually TOOK a picture while she took a picture of me taking a picture, and here is that picture

an example of how blue the sky was today

a cool angle

Steff shot almost a whole roll of film using her Holga camera while we were finding our way out of the city

she even took over the zumi for awhile and got this shot for 2 Black so he knows for sure what day Red Dead comes out

then she took this one which i TOTALLY love

that was pretty much it, after all that we drove back towards home and stopped at a diner

all in all it was a great experience.  i can’t wait to go back to the Lomography store to try out some more toys.  word is they have another workshop on June 3rd, but this time it’s for the LC-A+ (another camera on my wish list but a whole nother story).  we’re going to try our hardest to get there.  i’ll be sure to post the pictures Steff and i took today once we get them developed.

oh, and because i know you were wondering, i got the eggs benedict and Steff had two eggs over medium.

see you tomorrow

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one last night – the (almost) all 2 Black edition

Posted by bee3six5 on April 18, 2010

2-Black heads back to Texas tomorrow so a couple of us got together at Federici’s to say ‘farewell’.  good food.  good times. 

i handed the zumi off to Steff for a bit tonight, so i figured i’d feature some of her work for this post.  i’m not usually in front of the camera, but she took some good shots so i just couldn’t resist.

setting (by Steff)

some characters (by Steff)

smoke break

bright lights (by Steff)

three smiles (by Steff)

parting shot … (ps – that’s a pizza box in his hand.  i know what you’re thinking, ‘perfect way to carry it’)

safe travels, 2.  always good times when you’re around.  hopefully it’s not too long before you come on back to Jersey. 

see (the rest of) you tomorrow

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i’m no Bobby Flay…

Posted by bee3six5 on April 7, 2010

… but here’s me lighting the grill.

take one grill and add some charcoal

blast AS MUCH lighter fluid as you possibly can onto the charcoal, use 2 bottles if you must

+ 1 flame


needless to say, i burned my steak.

see you tomorrow

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Posted by bee3six5 on March 28, 2010

staying up till 3am is not an excuse for sleeping till 3pm.  but that’s what we did today.  the result was eating junk all day, topped off with a bowl of cereal around 10:30pm.

and just for the hell of it: i call this one ‘bowl of surreal’

should be getting the zumi back this week.  in the meantime i figure i’ll abuse the filters on my phone. 

see you tomorrow

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