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drinks and drinks

Posted by bee3six5 on July 18, 2010

took a trip up north today to a water park with some friends.

a few drinks before we go inside

on the overpass

some drinks afterwards

and i leave you with the creepiest look of the night

see you tomorrow


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friends, food and fireworks

Posted by bee3six5 on July 4, 2010

how could we go wrong?

there had to be at least one

Mark starting the afternoon off right

croquet, anyone?

james was miles ahead of us all

‘poor unfortunate soul’

hole-y board at midnight

and a few of our own fireworks

happy 4th.

see you tomorrow

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happy Father’s Day, Dad! i’m going to Jenna’s!

Posted by bee3six5 on June 20, 2010

Marklar’s girlfriend Jenna had a little barbecue last night, so after the Father’s Day Duties were done we headed over there for a few


and some laughs.

me and James (shot by Steff)

Mark and Jenna suckin’ it up at beer pong

Deirdre enjoying a Sam Adams Summer Ale

guess who Jenna loves…

we had a great time and can’t wait to do it again. 

oh, before i go, the quote of the night, from Mark, of course

Japan doesn’t have China walls.

see you tomorrow

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squirrelin’ around

Posted by bee3six5 on June 16, 2010

so this guy …

… came up to my car while i was on lunch today.  since he saw me eating lunch i felt it was only fair i share with him.  i found a granola bar in my bag, took it out, and broke it up into a bunch of pieces.  Rocky (as i now affectionately call my new squirrel friend) scrambled over …

… grabbed a piece …

… and ran up into a tree to snack away.

mission accomplished.

see you tomorrow

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one last night – the (almost) all 2 Black edition

Posted by bee3six5 on April 18, 2010

2-Black heads back to Texas tomorrow so a couple of us got together at Federici’s to say ‘farewell’.  good food.  good times. 

i handed the zumi off to Steff for a bit tonight, so i figured i’d feature some of her work for this post.  i’m not usually in front of the camera, but she took some good shots so i just couldn’t resist.

setting (by Steff)

some characters (by Steff)

smoke break

bright lights (by Steff)

three smiles (by Steff)

parting shot … (ps – that’s a pizza box in his hand.  i know what you’re thinking, ‘perfect way to carry it’)

safe travels, 2.  always good times when you’re around.  hopefully it’s not too long before you come on back to Jersey. 

see (the rest of) you tomorrow

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visual trip: the loooong night in AC

Posted by bee3six5 on April 17, 2010

my buddy Jared is in town for the weekend so a bunch of us went down to Atlantic City last night.  he had one request from me: to be ‘zum’d’ and make his way onto my lil ol’ blog.  i took over 200 pictures, here are some of the best.

Jared: you’ve been zum’d

broken elevator = walk down 21 flights of stairs

they take cash deposits



4 and a half to ground (a.k.a. the old gang)

to the car

scary faces

sharing stories the next morning

time to say goodbye

we all had a great time.  there are over a dozen other pictures i wanted to put on here, but it started to get out of control so i had to cut myself off but check out my flickr feed in the next few days for the rest.  it sucks that Jared moved to Texas, but every time he comes back to NJ it gives us all a reason to get together.  can’t wait till the next time.

see you tomorrow

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