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cats like water

Posted by bee3six5 on July 12, 2010

see you tomorrow


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Scott’s spot 2

Posted by bee3six5 on June 26, 2010

aqua cat

see you tomorrow

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pix mix two

Posted by bee3six5 on May 20, 2010

today’s batch of random shots.

backstage pass that was acquired a little too late


in bloom

i wanna know where the shadow people go


that’s all for today. in focus friday tomorrow. then i have a car show on sunday so that should be good for some pictures. oh yea, and LOST finale sunday night. i’m tired already.

see you tomorrow

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take a deep breath

Posted by bee3six5 on February 3, 2010

i really hope that there is at least one person out there looking at this picture who thinks it’s as beautiful as i do. not quite sure what it is. it had snowed this morning and i was hoping to get some shots of the frozen resevoir on my lunch break. it was cold out. quiet. muddy from the snow that was now melting. i walked along the trail, hat pulled down, jacket zipped up, one hand shoved in my pocket trying to stay warm, the other attached to my Zumi. with my nose red and drippy i looked out over the water and saw this picture.

so take a minute and let the image above soak in.  just relax and fall into the photo.  it may not be a tropical island, but it was enough to make my stress disappear, even if for one second. i hope i can do that for you, too.

see you tomorrow

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